Family Records by William Klassen

Family Records by William Klassen

Caitlin McGuire is an emerging artist from Nova Scotia, currently based in Montreal. Caitlin completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at NSCAD University in 2015, and she graduated from St Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Science in 2009. Much of Caitlin’s work centers around perception and how we observe and process our environment. She is a multi-wired artist who is highly observant, and documents and draws attention to the intimate, humourous and absurd. Caitlin works primarily in traditional media, like oil paint and gouache, often in playful and nontraditional ways. Colour is an integral aspect of her work.

Artist Statement

In my work I focus on the details, intimacy and humour in constructed places and environments, and how people interact with and within those spaces. I observe and record the information that guides us and informs us about who we are in public and in private. I explore these themes through colour and composition in paintings, drawings and installations. My work can be both playful and uncomfortable simultaneously, like a nervous giggle. Having studied the perceptual system in the brain I am interested in how we translate and communicate the world we see around us. I like to balance intense chromatic colour with my subjects in order to create compositions that are both familiar and entirely new to the viewer. Playing with the gestalt principles of how our brain is able to put together a scene or an image based on the information that is available allows me to deconstruct our constructed world.