Family Records by William Klassen

Family Records by William Klassen

Caitlin McGuire is an emerging artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Caitlin completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD Univeristy, where she graduated on the President's List in 2015. She graduated from St Francis Xavier University with her Bachelor of Science in 2009. Caitlin's practice focuses primarily on painting, drawing, colour theory and observation.

Artist Statement

In my work I focus on the details, intimacy and humour in the constructed world and the people who create it. I'm interested in how people interact with and within these environments. I explore these themes through colour and composition. I attempt to create movement in still images through the use of shape, texture, line and pattern. Having studied the perceptual system in the brain I am interested in how we translate and communicate the world we see around us. I like to balance intense chromatic colour with my subjects in order to create images that are both familiar and entirely new to the viewer. This concept plays on gestalt principles of how our brain is able to put together a scene or image based on the information that is available.